Guitars, Cadillacs…

…Jalapeno beef jerky.  My dear husband is a man of many talents. In addition to working for the Educational Machine on a daily basis (a/k/a/ “the Day Job”), he also plays the rock and roll. Not so much as he used to pre-spawn, but enough so that I am constantly pulling picks out of the lint trap in the dryer. Anyhoo, they played last night up at a joint a couple of hours away. Which means he gets home sometime after 3:00 a.m.

So, he crawls into bed smelling like bar — cigarette smoke with a dash of skank — and some other unexpected thing. The other thing, as it turns out, was jalapeno Slim Jims.

Mega barf, I know.

I think both he and K have been bitterly disappointed by the lack of beef jerky in this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Lulu I went through a serious preserved meat phase, much to their delight. See, Pregnant Hussy is much more likely to not give a crap if everyone else is eating beef jerky and Ovaltine for dinner. While this pregnancy has seen a hot dog phase, a Combos phase, and a wedge salad phase, there has yet to be a beef jerky phase. Hence my husband comes home smelling like beefy-onion foot at 3 a.m.

Maybe I should get my husband a pair of Brief Jerky underpants


Brief Jerky by mixedspecies on Etsy



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2 responses to “Guitars, Cadillacs…

  1. Beef jerky underpants–now that’s just wrong.

    Good luck at your new digs!

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