Random Awesomeness: The Newbery Edition

Sweet fancy Moses how I love smart, creative, and weird kids.

This is one of the most delightful things involving string and humans I have seen in a long time. For more on the project itself, check out James Kennedy’s 90 Second Newbery site.


Here is the Tauntaun cake:

And here is the de-Lukeing of said Tauntaun:

…and one more because I *heart* gross:

I made my son sick with this.



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6 responses to “Random Awesomeness: The Newbery Edition

  1. Hi, this is James Kennedy (the co-curator of the “90-Second Newbery” film festival, and the author of the YA fantasy The Order of Odd-Fish). Thanks for spreading the word about our video contest!

    As a food pron person, you might be amused by this Order of Odd-Fish CAKE that was made by a fan, which portrays a pivotal scene in which a gigantic fish vomits a building on to a beach:


    Impressive, isn’t it, how the frosting glistens like barf! My editor said this was the “most impressive and least appetizing cake” she’d ever seen.

  2. Shameless Domestic Hussy

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by – we *heart* your work. And that cake has inspired me to do more work in vomit. I did do a Tauntaun cake last year for our son’s 11th – filled with raspberry jelly and a Luke action figure. Grey dead animal cake with guts – mmmmmm….


    “And I thought . . . they smelled bad . . . on the outside!”

  4. Shameless Domestic Hussy

    See above. My poor kid, who will eat ANYTHING, actually could not finish this. And yeah, red velvet just seemed right.

  5. Oh. My. Lord.


    My hat is off to you. I will never think of that scene the same way again!

  6. Shameless Domestic Hussy

    You’re too kind – it is definitely more cakewrecks than food pr0n. I tried to make it little kid friendly by cute-ing up the cake, but I think that only made it all the more horrifying when we cut open the belly and extracted the gore-covered Luke. It tasted really good, though. Red velvet with raspberry jam filling and white chocolate butter cream.

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