Super K!

For all my frustration over his inborn inability to do housework, I proudly admit that K is, without a doubt, the best human being to ever be created.  We have so many epic K-Stories — all true — that prove this hypothesis.  The most famous story is the Tale of Wal-Mart Sorrow.  You may have already heard it.

As careful as I try to be about not raising kids who simply parrot my opinions, it is inevitable that they will be exposed to my ranting at some point.  K picked up on and came to share my loathing of all things Wal-Mart at an early age.  Among other things, he knew that I did not shop there because I did not think that they were good employers (to put it mildly).

When he was about 5 or so, my mother dragged him to Wal-Mart.  K protested, but his pleas did not move my mother.  So, K goes into the store and walks up to the first employee he sees.  He gently tugged on her shirt to get her attention.  When she turned to see what he needed, K said “Hi.  Are they treating you okay here?”

I’m pretty sure my mom never took K to Wal-Mart again.  It wasn’t long after that incident that K tried to unionize the workers at Panera.

So anyhow, THAT is the essence of K. And is why, no matter what grossness I find under his bed, no matter how many times he has to get a new school i.d. (5 this year, for those keeping count), no matter what gets broken, lost, or covered in honey, I am STILL amazed that I mother to such an incredible, unique, brilliant, and sweet kid.

And if I ever needed any more proof, yesterday he sent the following list to me.  He has decided that he needs to “own” his obligations, and so is on a campaign to be more organized.  Without any further fluff, I give you:

A Day in the Life of K.

1. wake up (6:10 am)

2. pack lunch

3. wait for dad

4.make sure everything is signed

5. go to school

6. socailize until 7:35

7. go to locker

8. READING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

9. sience-social studies

10. Write down hw

11. switch

12. 2nd period


14. end 2nd period

15. write down hw

16. switch

17.3rd period

18. lockers or detention-study hall

19.TEAM TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. go back in

21. orcastra- global perspective

22. pack up


24. Drop off

25. walk home

26. hug mom!

27. do h.w

28. walk dog

29. make up bed

30. Interaction+violin


32. dad comes home

33. hug him

34. go upstairs

35. pwning deh noobs



38. bed time(also study on 27)

39. go 2 sleep

40. repeat

PS. I LIKE PIE 3.151592653

Old School K Earning His Keep



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8 responses to “Super K!

  1. Dr. Monkey

    I love how he wants to unionize workers. I’m proud to know him and glad he’s my friend.

  2. rob4drok

    He is indeed the awesomest. And, I might point out, that him “waiting for dad” is a VERY recent development. He’s done it exactly two days now. Nice start, but we’ll see if he can keep it up!

    Love you, and K, and all the other spawn.

  3. BeautifulPeace

    I’m loving how making the bed makes it into the schedule at what has to be about 5pm.

  4. Lori Ann

    That photo should be a poster hung up – EVERYWHERE!!! This guy sounds like a lovely person to know.

  5. I wish I could put “pwning deh noobs” on my to-do list!!

    (he sounds like a great kid!)

  6. Shameless Domestic Hussy

    He is a great kid. He also accidently locked me out of the house yesterday.

    • Jennifer Berven

      Love this! I believe I witnessed the lock out.. oh dear. Loved chatting that day and this reminder that awesomeness overrides mismatched socks and food in drawers every time… (is that a picture of K? — It reminded me of a picture of Zach trying to breastfeed a doll when Jerr was a baby.

      German food.. soon

  7. Kristin Cody

    Number 23 is my fave. Not even a little surprised by the awesomeness revealed here but I did cry and had to pause while sharing it with the fam!

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