Happy Pi(e) Day!

So, for obvious reasons, today is Pi Day.  And what better way to say MATH IS POWER than with pie?  At first I planned on making a Pi Pie, but then I got stuck at the doctor forEVER,  and Luli just went down for a “nap,” and I’ve got some no-longer-in-business business to take care of, blah blah blah I’m lazy.

But never let it be said that I didn’t Pie up.  For your viewing pleasure, a Parade of Pie:

SDH Basic Apple Pie

SDH Banana Nutella "Hot Pies"

My Nannie's Chocolate and Butterscotch Pies

SDH Strawberry Pie

SDH Lemon Meringue Pie

SDH Chocolate Silk Pie

SDH GInger Pear Pie

Turkey and Artichoke Heart Pot Pies



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5 responses to “Happy Pi(e) Day!

  1. Shameless Domestic Hussy

    Hey y’all:

    I’m working on setting up the blog so that in a post like this, with tons of food pron, the pics will link to the recipe AND you will be able to browse recipes under a drop-down menu in the margins. Otherwise when a post focuses on one recipe, it will be included in-text. It may be a while before I get this done due to the fact that I am in the grumpy slug days of pregnancy, but someday…

  2. you are awesome. that is all.

  3. Big Red

    Agreed. You are awesome. And you will be awesomer once I have that banana nutella “hot pie” recipe.

  4. Oh my god. When you go from being a Shameless Domestic Hussy to Shameless Bakery-Owning Hussy, I will be so damn fat. I will start with a gazillion of those banana nutella pies…

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