The Sleep of the Darned

Here we are. In that first few months with a new baby, when every waking moment (and almost all of them are waking) is an out-of-body experience and the house gets wrapped in a slipcover of prefolds, teeny t-shirts, socks, and blankets. And the washing machine is going nonstop yet all of your clothes still have spit-up or worse on them. And by “clothes” I mean the sweatpants with the paint on the ass and the Reverend tshirt you stole from your better half, because — let’s face it — nothing else fits and you’re sure as hell not going to wear maternity clothes.

But we’ve made it. It’s been almost 2 months and I think we’re finally getting the swing of life with 3 kids.

Oz is a sweet thing who loves sleeping, eating, and peeing all over hapless bystanders. While he definitely owns some crankypants and doesn’t like to be put down, I think it is safe to say he is colic-free (unlike certain other children I have made).

He gets a big crabby/marathon nursing session going in the evening that usually lasts until “bedtime.” And when I write “bedtime,” I mean the time at which my dear and lovely husband takes Oz for a drive so I can get a little baby-free real sleep. In a bed.

No, the baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet. At this point, no one in our house is sleeping through the night. K is plagued with allergies and growing pains (I’m not allowed to mention puberty. Nor the fact that he listens to his iPod at night and I have been awakened by his headphonesdeaf singing of the Shins and FoTC many, many times). Lu falls out of the bed due to the fact that she sleeps with no fewer than 36 “babies” and 536 books.

Oz will get at least one good 4 hour stretch in there, but he needs to eat — baby cheeks don’t enchubby themselves, you know. Until tonight, Mr. Hussy has been on Oz-watch from their male-bonding/Intro to Rock 101 drivetimes until the first waking. And then I take over on feeder alert until the birds, our next-door neighbor, and the sunlight return.

So yeah. Sleep? No. Not so much.

But tonight marks the beginning of a new era. Tonight, all 5 of us are tucked in our beds or at least
a bed. Well, we’re all in bedrooms, anyway. And most appear to be sleeping — I hear snoring (Mr. Hussy) and banging (Lu kicking books out of her bed) and the little goat sounds Oz makes when sort-of sleeping. K, however, is singing (DCFC, I believe).

But — and this is the important part — no one is crying.

And that’s *better* than sleep.



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4 responses to “The Sleep of the Darned

  1. YEAH!!! hurrah.. I am still at work. I should zip over with a cocktail.. that will put you to sleep!

  2. eeyore

    LOve you, Sweet Pea!

  3. I am happy to have been one of the hapless pee victims if WBO.

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